This is a trying time to open a dining venue especially in a city like Washington, DC that has been closed for months because of our current health crisis. 

Enter Hazem Alghabra a former state department official that wanted to become an entrepreneur! While planning his dinning venue Georgetown Social two years ago Hazem didn’t Know he would be facing a global pandemic in 2020. 

Hazem wanted to create a dining venue that served international street food from the middle east with a comfortable, soothing ambience and vibe. 

Located on M Street in a historic townhouse in Georgetown with a quaint outdoor backyard terrace perfect to get away from the current emotional blockage I am facing. 

Currently there is outdoor dining on M Street as well but I prefer the serene courtyard as I am craving peaceful outdoor environments these days.  

The menu is perfect for a light dinner. There is an assortment of Mideast street food like kibbeh, hummus, dolma, fattoush and falafel. Then there are Mideast pizza’s with spinach and pomegranate and a host of flatbread sandwiches. 

With a bar and illy coffee I can relax in the outdoor terrace have a light homemade meal with a libation and forget about what is transpiring for a short while. 

Hazem has a wonderful personality making his clients feel like guests and making sure everyone is taken care off! 
It’s so vital to support local businesses these days so they can thrive during these difficult economic times.