I am passionate about my accessories because I travel a great deal and need to take a tailored black dress or suit that I might be wearing during the day and make it fancier for an evening event. This is where my accessories come into play. I use my accessories to make the switch.

I am always looking for different accessories that are unique and will add that bit of pizzazz to my conservative business clothes. I don’t like trendy clothes because I need my clothes to last and nit be outdated the next season but will try a trend and go on a limb with my accessories.

Giambattista Valli the Parisian couturier has a ready to wear and accessories line as well. His bags and shoes are whimsical and fun, made with a large dose of my favorites which are feathers, embellishments and sequin flowers. With the more tailored clothes I feel I can be extravagant with my accessories as it creates a nice balance.

Whether it be his colored ostrich feather bags or mules with encrusted sequins & Paillettes I feel these items add flair to my clothes even if I am wearing a simple palate.

I get lots of positive comments when I use my feather bags because they are fun and I feel that in this stressful world we live in they bring a smile to everyone’s face when they see them. In my opinion fashion is about having fun!