Listen, my life is all business travel, meetings and non-stop work all over the globe! My alter-ego however likes everything sexy, chic & sultry. Very hard combining the reality with the fantasy.

Then I discovered GIanvito Rossi whose shoes are sultry and sexy but wearable. I am not stating that I can wear these creations all day long but I can for a few hours for a special event, meeting or when I want to put my best GLAM forward.

I recently found his black platform wedge boots that are stylish but comfortable. Many times, I have to sacrifice style for comfort but not this time.

Whether picking pumps, sandals or boots each are designed to be classic, chic and wearable. Not trendy but useable and with different outfits.

My black platform boots have become my to go to boot for business travel because I can dress them up or down. I think finally my alter ego and my sensible real self-have found a happy medium to coexist when it comes to shoe selection. Thank you GIanvitto Rossi!