I had just come back from extreme business travel when I had to go to Keene, NH to meet with a prospective new client. The idea of flying to Connecticut then driving two hours did not sound such a great idea.

To my surprise it turned out to be a very enjoyable business trip because of the unique local restaurants I discovered. The drive to Keene was beautiful as I was able to see the foliage change. Further, the food selection in Keene was amazing! I never though that such a small town would have such a varied selection of gourmet food.

My business partner and I had dinner on our arrival at the Stage Restaurant. The food was delicious and a very eclectic menu selection. I tried a few appetizers to get a feel for the menu. The homemade veggie burger, the chicken and cilantro chili and the pastas were stunning,

We then went next door and bought our dessert at a local bakery & chocolate store called LIFE IS SWEET. The homemade cupcakes were delectable and so many varied flavors. Of course I had to buy dark chocolate covered mini Oreos, malt balls & raisins and wobbled back to the LANE HOTEL where I was staying. The gastronomic evening was a real success!

The next day we had lunch with our clients at THE MARKET AT LUCA’S. OMG!!! I was just taken aback by the selection of gourmet sandwiches, meals and a case of salads that were so unique. I had a sample plate where I picked Asian pasta, tarragon chicken, their version of mac & cheese and roasted beets. I was so enamored by the food that I took take out for my plane ride back to DC that evening. The full service LUCA restaurant is next door. Next trip to Keene I must try the LUCA restaurant.