Music is my life line especially when I travel. It grounds me and certain genres of music remind me of loved ones, special moments and place me in a great mood. Music allows me to day dream and not feel the pressure of being displaced on the road.

Enter Andy Cato & Tom Findley the English duo that makes up GROOVE ARMADA. Their music to me is a mixture of electronic, lounge, jazz, blues and R&B. I have GROOVE ARMADA on my play list and enjoy their style of music as it is relaxing with hip undertones.

At times when traveling I play their tracks and escape for a short while allowing my mind to wonder and transport me to a positive state. Soothing instrumentals with spellbinding vocals is my interpretation of their musical style. Some of my favorites are “Inside My Mind”, “At the River” and “I See You Baby” but there are so many more captivating songs.