Any one that knows me knows that I am shoe obsessed. My family is in the shore manufacturing business so I guess it’s in my blood! For years I was a slave to fashion and wore trendy shoes that killed my feet. With the onset of my more mature years, hours either in my office or traveling for business, I have learned to wear comfortable shoes but ones that have an edge.

I have learned to be comfortable but still have a bit of a spark on my feet! Enter Alessandro Michele the new creative director of GUCCI and his collection of super glam, edgy and super comfortable loafers. The loafer has a heel that gives me height but not too high that I have issues walking. The loafers are classic and iconic GUCCI but reinterpreted with a new boldness and a sense of fun. They have a true sense of Rock N Roll to the design and aesthetic.

Whether in a Zebra pattern, with gold studs or black with pearls on the heels these loafers ROCK! Truly comfortable which allows me to handle my business but at the same time make me feel en trend and glamorous. I want comfort but I don’t want to look dowdy. Call me vain but I still want to be fashionable while being comfortable on my feet!