The city of Madaba is known for its mosaics. On a recent expedition with Abercrombie & Kent. I was fortunate to eat at the beautiful Lebanese Restaurant Haret Jdoudna located right the Middle of the city.

We dined on the outdoor terrace that had such an authentic feel with the old stone, trees and flowers. It was relaxing with a great sense of history and culture.

The food is Lebanese with an assortment of kabobs and  mezza.

We had the labne, fattoush, tabbouli, kibbeh, falafel,chicken kabob with an assortment of house made bread. The bread was flaky and so pure in its ingredients.

I adore the fresh mint lemonade that is a common drink in Jordan. The mint adds a distinct favor.

The food is delicious because the ingredients are from the Jordan Valley. The cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants are freshly grown organic in the true sense of the word.

It is a family owned restaurant and the owners are so involved in daily operations making sure all guests are taken care of in the most hospitable manner.

Dining in Jordan is such a pleasure because of the freshness of the food and the hospitality of the people.