To me an important part of visiting any country is trying the different types of cuisine that country has to offer. Local clients and Colombian friends had recommended that I visit Harry Sasson to experience Chef Harry Sasson’s food and the eclectic but chic ambience while in Bogota.

The namesake restaurant of master chef Harry Sasson is housed in a Tudor mansion with a modern steel & glass addition and a captivating glass enclosed wine display. The food is amazing with global flavors, sustainable sourced ingredients, great service and an astute attention to detail. Voted one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America I can see why after visiting.

I was fortunate to be invited to Harry Sasson and our group tried many different food options. From the Japanese Robata method, to the wood fired oven choices to the grilled meats we experienced distinct flavors and delicious tastes. For sides we ordered fresh grilled heart of palms, grilled asparagus, cauliflower with a distinctive cream sauce and fantastic Jasmine flavored coconut rice.

Dining at Harry Sasson takes one on a global journey from Bogota to all over the globe at back. The inside design and juxtaposition of the Tudor style with the steel and glass is innovative and fresh. The whole design with the vertical gardens on the outside walls gives the restaurant an indoor/outdoor feel even though all enclosed.

I had a great dining experience at Harry Sasson’s and enjoyed exploring the globe through the cuisine Harry Sasson offers.