In these uncertain times I find my mind goes in all directions. At times it is hard for me to center myself and when this happens I turn to meditation. I learned years ago that I can silence my mind and reduce my internal stress by meditating.

My routine of meditation has helped me in adverse situations, relaxing my mind when it just didn’t want to stop thinking. I have found that the more I mediate the more it calms my whole system allowing me to regroup and to realize that I can control my thoughts.

In my travels I have been very fortunate to travel to Bhutan, India and Nepal where I was able to mediate in the most tranquil environments. The group meditations I have done globally have reduced the negative frequency around me and has brought me calm.

In this time of isolation and shelter at home I find the APP Headspace fantastic for daily meditation and mindfulness. It’s a great tool to have with one for guided meditations especially if you are new to meditation

It has daily medications were you can pick the amount of time you want to meditate. You can start with a few minutes and then gradually increase your time.

When I first started it was hard to center my mind but with practice I now relish the time I meditate. The longer the better.

Andy Puddicome is the cofounder of the APP Headspace and is a former Buddhist monk turned teacher of mediation and mindfulness.

There is a free version or a premium version that offers more content. The free version is a perfect tool to start with.

The road to mediation really balances me, calms my mind and gives me the mental stamina to deal with challenging times such as the present.  

Life is a journey and meditation allows me to handle the bumps in the road with more grace, freeing my soul from constant tension that can build up.