Chinese born and London based fashion designer Huishan Zhang is a master fashion designer. His designs are ethereal with exquisite attention to detail. His craftsmanship is couture with beautifully cut clothes. His work at DIOR couture has made his execution of his pieces perfection.

His use of fabrics like crepe, organza, and wool makes his pieces airy. In a world of mass production, his designs are classic with a modern elegant edge. When I see his designs sophisticated, romantic and feminine come to mind.

I must attend a wedding in Spring 2024 and want to wear one of his gorgeously made gowns. My favorite are his clothes that feature feathers. He designs these pieces without the piece being garish or over the top. Every detail is thought of so even a simple dress flows beautifully on the body.

In this world of disposal fashion Huishan Zhang’s designs are a work of art.