On a recent visit to Istanbul Turkey I was invited by a Turkish tour operator to Hunkar restaurant in Nisantasi to savor some authentic Turkish cuisine.

I adore the freshness of the food I taste and eat in Turkey. The vegetables and fruits taste authentic, fresh and chemical free.

Hunkar was founded in 1950 and known for their Turkish cuisine. A local family run establishment in the fashionable Nisantasi area,Hunkar is where you can taste the delicacies of Turkish cuisine.

The menu has a regular and vegan section and there is an item to please any palate. I adore the Dolma and stuffed eggplant and the selection of fresh salads and yogurts.

For my main course I had the grilled fish straight from the ocean with a slice of fresh lemon. Of course, they have an assortment of meat and chicken dishes, as well as stews. I always try to eat light in Turkey, so I can leave room for the house made marmalade, quince dessert and baklava.

It is amazing that I eat more while traveling in Turkey, but I lose weight because there are no preservatives, hormones or additives in any of the foods. The food is from the nearby farms, and everything is fresh and tasty.