Having any type of surgery for children and adults is scary. One is concerned about the procedure, outcome and recovery. I was introduced to “I heart Guts!” by a friend that showed me the brain and heart plush organ she had received as a gift. These plush toys represent the various organs in our body in a fun and humorous way which helps take the edge off in challenging times.

Especially if a child is having surgery, a procedure or recovering from an ailment the plush organ can bring a smile and provide comfort. The plush organs come in the heart, brain, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas and other body organs. I adore the novel idea to take an organ which can be a difficult to fathom and make it more user friendly by making it a plush toy.

In trying times, humor is so needed to bring a smile to someone’s face! Research has shown that humor aids in all types of recovery so why not see the brighter side of life even in the most difficult circumstances.