It has been an adjustment working from home when I spent so much time traveling for business.

I had to recreate the correct vibe in my home so I could start working. It starts with the right comforting music and then scent which is so important for the senses.

I am a fan of organic handles with fresh scents that are comforting. One of my favorite brands is Illume.  

My work routine is to put on my playlist and light a candle. My routine transforms my home working space to a more enlightening area that provides relief from the stresses we are all facing.

The coconut milk honey scent is one of my favorites, scented with vanilla and pineapple. It is tropical but not overwhelming. It soothes gently transforming the ambience of my workspace.

Scent is known to relax. At this point I have to take all the relaxation I can get!