For those of us traveling extensively for international business we realize that our passport pages will eventually fill up with visa and entry stamps before our 10 year US passport expires. Currently we can have additional pages added to our US passports either through a private expediting company such as ours Travel Document Systems, through a US Passport Acceptance Facility (post office, court house or country clerk) or by appointment at a US Passport Agency.

Effective January 1, 2016 additional pages will no longer be added to US passports. If you run out of blank passport pages you will need to renew your US passport. If you have a global entry card tied to your passport that global entry card will need to be updated with your new passport information. We have been advised that additional passport pages will not be issued any longer as an added security measure.

When applying for a US passport renewal it is best to ask for a 52 page book which contains more pages than the standard issue passport. Being in the travel documentation business I have found it is best to always check your passport way in advance of travel to make sure the passport is valid as many countries are requiring six months validity on your US passport after the completion of your trip. Further, check to make sure you have the correct visas and immunizations. With the busy holiday season upon us the worst situation is to have to delay or cancel a trip because your travel documentation is not in order. Especially with heightened security at domestic & international airports and borders it is best to have all travel documents valid.