I get lots of inquiries regarding visas to Iran. I am not going to get into any politics as I am not a politician but travelers are eager to go to Iran to discover the culture, arts, architecture, food and history. I personally adore exploring new destinations and allowing my mind to roam free.

Whether you are traveling to Isfahan to explore the magnificent blue tile work, or Tehran with its bustling cosmopolitan vibes, contemporary and historic museums or Rasht on the Caspian sea with its mountain vistas, blue sea and fantastic local cuisine, you will be amazed by all the sights, flavors and senses that you encounter.

The people are warm, inviting and want to share their culture, history and country with all visitors.

We are able to assist with processing for visas to Iran for US passport holders.

To obtain a visa for Iran you require the following per traveler:

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  • A valid US passport with at least six months validity left after the completion of the trip.
  • Blank visas pages for the Iran visa to be stamped.
  • The Supreme Court will make its final decision in the Fall regarding all the issues regarding the Executive travel ban.
  • Visa authorization from your tour company for the period of stay in Iran.
  • One photograph. It is recommended that females over the age of 9 cover their hair.
  • One visa application completed, signed and dates.
  • A copy of the flight itinerary and itinerary in Iran.


I feel that through travel one gains a better understanding of diverse cultures and how similar we all are in sharing the same concerns about our daily life!