When one is on constant business travel the idea of spending some free time in a garden is captivating. The smell of the blossoms, the jasmine trees and the captivating paths puts one at peace. Morocco is truly a beautiful country full of culture, distinct architecture, stylish Riads/hotels and beautiful gardens.

The Jardin Marjorelle is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever visited. The garden is twelve acres of stunning beauty created by French artist Jacques Marjorelle. The garden is a work of art filled with palms, coconut trees, water lilies, bamboo, bougainvillea’s and fragrant jasmine to name a few. There are luscious paths with fountains and ponds to explore. I can spend hour’s just wondering, day dreaming and coming back to life.

When Jacque Marjorelle was taken ill and had to return to France the garden went into disarray. Designer Yves Saint Laurent and his business partner Pierre Berge purchased the garden in 1980 brought it back to life and kept it intact. Their purchase and ownership of the Jardin Marjorelle saved it from urbanization and kept it safe for future generations to relish.

It is truly worth a lengthy visit and a must if one is in Marrakesh because you will be swept back in time to a place where you can dream, relax and ponder your every inner thoughts.