On my travels I am so fortunate to come across global artists that allow me to experience their vision. After a recent trip to Mexico City on an art expedition I came back speechless. Mexico City has so much to offer in varying types of art coupled with the exhilarating cultural scene and the warmth of the people the city truly feeds ones soul. Mexico City is second to Paris with the most number of museums.

In my most recent trip that I was introduced to the work of Javier Marin. His sculptures in the historic downtown district of Zocalo are larger than life and captivating.

Then I had the sincere pleasure of going to the Palacio de Iturbide, a large palatial former residence which is also called the Palacio Cultura Banamex where I saw Javier Marin’s latest solo exhibition. The juxtaposition of his stunning art set against the grandness of the building is spellbinding. The Banamex foundation hosts various artists in this space in Zocalo in the downtown historic district. The space itself is a piece of history.

Javier Marin’s sculptures, especially the large ones, have a tortured but romantic feel to them and in this setting they shine because the large viewing space allows for his pieces to take prominence.