We are in the holiday season and I just returned from a long stretch of business travel where I treated myself by having some good food! I feel when I travel for work that if I eat healthy and take care of myself while on the road, I can have a more successful and& harmonious trip.

On a recent trip to Zurich I found an amazing organic bakery called John Baker which wowed me with their artisanal bread. If you ae worried about carbs then this might not be the venue for you!

There is a large assortment of daily bread baked each morning. Some of the daily selections could be rye sourdough, olive, butter bread and regular sourdough and dark whole what.

The bread is baked to perfection with a moist center and a crunchy crust the smell of the bakery is so good that I was dazzled.

You can even order and have your bread delivered to your home, office or hotel by electronic bike!