On my recent visit to Jordan I had the pleasure to visit the Jordan River Foundation.
Showroom in Amman is a beautifully designed house situated in a stunning garden that seems moons away from the busy street it sits on. As you enter the garden a sense of tranquility surrounds you and then you walk into the showroom with its white washed floors, open spaces and an abundance of beautiful locally made handicrafts.

I must be honest that I was not expecting the visually stunning hand embroidered pillows, porcelain, art pieces, mirrors and throws that I encountered! The items are all handmade, tasteful and design driven. The best part is that all the pieces are made by women that are taught skills that help them sustain their livelihood and that of their families. The concept is about female empowerment, a concept very close to my heart.

The Jordan River Foundation was established in 1995 and is under the auspices and chaired by her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah with an emphasis on child safety and community empowerment.

I feel the Jordan River foundation showroom is a must during a visit to Amman Jordan because the visitor can purchase handicrafts as souvenirs that are assisting the local community get stronger and thrive!