I was traveling to Palm Springs, California for a business conference when I decided that I needed to visit the Joshua Tree National Park where the Sonoran & Mojave deserts meet.

What do a business conference and a National Park located in a desert have to do with another, not much? However, since I am on the road a great deal I have promised myself that if there is a historical or cultural site in vicinity of great interest, then I need to pay it a visit. I think I am realizing that life is not just about work and I have to try to draw a balance. I know it is much easier said than done! I am truly a work in progress.

Like usual I was limited on time but when I made my way to the Joshua Tree Nation al Park, I was amazed at the serene beauty that I saw before me. The desert landscapes with the rock formations are stunning. The park is named for the Joshua tree that only grows in the Mojave Desert and a tree that grows in groves. The Joshua tree is said to have been named by Mormons pioneers and is the largest member of the Yucca.

The Joshua Tree National park is a perfect venue for a long or short hike, camping or reflection. The vistas are grand the desert is filled with silence which is extremely peaceful. I know my life is hectic & fast passed so I am grateful I was able to take a short period off to ponder & reflect. I am truly glad that I made my way to the Joshua Tree National Park before my business conference started.

Photo credit: Kolby