On my most recent trip to Mexico City the viewing of the new museums was high on my list. The Jumex Museum was on my short list because it is one of the largest private collections in Latin America. Further, the art is controversial and the building designed by my favorite British architect David Chipperfield is earthy but grand.

The outside exhibit is a series of ping pong tables that people can use. I adore museums that are interactive and get the viewer involved. As one enters the David Chipperfield structure it is stark, modern and raw. The exhibit I saw titled “Under The Same Sun” showcases Latin American artists whose work is controversial in spirit and addresses issues such as religion, politics, economics, ethnicity and US-Latin America relations that have been strained at times.

The interactive component continues in this exhibit with a wall of postcards that the viewer can take, Calder like drums that one can play and a hanging display that one can change the art that has been hung.

There is a large multi video installation that showcases different images that pertain to situations and circumstances in Latin America. The exhibit though thought provoking is gentle on the eyes because of the structure of the Museum. Set in the tony area of Polanco the museum might have a double personality.