To deal with back issues caused by years of wearing high heels, sitting hours at my desk and on planes is doing exercises that strengthen my back.  

I work with Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club to give me the correct exercises that will help me and not hurt my back.  

Jay believes that the Kettlebell suitcase carry is ones of the best exercises for me.  Basically I carry a 30-40 pound weight in each hand and walk across a set distance in the gym and back. I repeat 2-4 times taking a short break between each set. The key for be is to have good posture and not hunch over with the weights. This gives me total body alignment.

Over the course of doing this exercise I feel stronger and better able to tackle life’s obstacles. We need to be strong to lift groceries, luggage and handle everyday tasks. The kettlebell suitcase carry allows me to do this.

Strength exercises have allowed me to handle my life and work stresses. When I am not doing my exercises because of any host of reasons I feel the difference in my body and mood. Exercise makes me more stronger both mentally and physically!