I am obsessed with the Japanese brand KEWPIE Their mayonnaise is luscious and now they have introduced a selection of dressings and marinades. My favorite is the deep roasted sesame dressing & marinade.

The creamy sesame dressing is delicious with a bold sesame taste and brown sugar tinge. I like to use it on my salads to give my greens a refined taste and in pasta with grilled chicken, scallions, and carrots for an Asian inspired dish.

KEWPIE was founded in Japan in 1919 and their products are considered a staple in Japanese homes. Non-GMO with no preservatives I get taste without sacrificing quality & texture. When I have made simple dishes using my deep roasted sesame dressing, I receive rave reviews. The result is a fantastic taste that sesame roasted flavor just makes a difference and elevates my recipes.