I am obsessed with shoes because as a business person and constant business traveler, shoes can update any outfit. With just the right pair of shoes I can go from afternoon to evening and glam up my wardrobe. No need to take tons of outfits with me which allows me to be a smart packer, organized and efficient but on trend and chic!

I am crazy for the couture house Ralph and Russo because in this world of mass production and disposable fashion, their creations are an art form meant to last, be worn with pride and cherished. Items you can pass on through generations.

This spring, their Eden ankle boot in floral satin or leather is adorned with a filigree leaves naturally going up the heel. The ankle boot is a work of art and a piece of sculpture rather than a pair of shoes.

I prefer a neutral beige color that I can mix and match with all my outfits but the satin floral is stunning. I adore fine craftsmanship because my mantra is to buy a few but the best I can afford because it will stand the test of time.