I just returned from business travel to Asia and I try to exercise early each morning if my schedule permits to get acclimated to a full days of work in a new time zone. I am fortunate that many of the hotels I stay in have the Kinesis system by technogym.

I was a bit daunted at first to try this four wall circuit system. As I began to use the system I enjoyed the flexibility as the cables offer you a 360 degree of motion. The system can be adjusted for difficulty by increasing the weights so great for any age and exercise level. You can customize and achieve a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training off this device. In 30 minutes I was totally challenged and had a great workout.

It is very high tech in my opinion and formulated to give you a quick but efficient workout. Our time is limited so nice to be able to get the exercise out of the way! We know it’s good for us but sometimes one has to be motivated to get it done.