I have written about interesting spots I have encountered on my travels but I realized that I have not written enough about my beautiful hometown of Washington DC. In the last several years Washington DC has seen a resurgence of urban renewal.

Personally, I adore it when a city is brought back to life and doesn’t close up after hours when everyone has left for the day. So many parts of DC were just a barren dessert because so many had moved to the suburbs but these areas are now being reborn with restaurants, cafes, galleries, theaters and public spaces like pedestrian zones.

One area that was once boarded up storefronts and has gone through an urban renaissance is the Shaw neighborhood. I was fortunate to be invited for dinner to the KINSHIP restaurant by local master chef Eric Ziebold and it was a feast for my taste buds.

KINSHIP is located in a brick townhouse dating back to 1907 and has been beautifully decorated and designed by local design master Darryl Carter. The setting is serene, peaceful and chic. We ate in a private booth in the bar area which I prefer over the main dining room because it was more intimate. The service was spot on.

At KINSHIP you will experience delicious farm to table food at its best! American cuisine using masterful techniques that make the food not only tasty but a visual masterpiece. We had several vegetarian appetizers to start and then two entries for the table. Our first table entrée was the swordfish with an orange fennel salad. Then we had the roasted chicken that takes over an hour to bake so if interested in that entrée order when you first arrive. The roasted chicken came with roasted potatoes and a frisee salad that had the leg meat shredded on it.

We ended our meal with the chocolate chip soufflé and a peanut butter/chocolate dessert. Complimentary peanut brittle is served with tea and or coffee.

KINSHIP was a memorable dining experience and great welcome to the Washington restaurant scene. The ambiance, food and service was stellar!