I travel for business a great deal, so I get tired of eating in hotels. Even the food at the nicest five star hotel seems bland after a while. If I have time when traveling for business especially during a weekend, I tend to explore and get out for breakfast so that my day seems a bit more normal and not so confined and rigid!

When traveling to the Miami area I found La Boulangarie Boul’Mich for breakfast. A local boulangerie with great choices for breakfast, afternoon pastries and lunch.

For breakfast I have had the salmon eggs benedict and the feta omelette, both come with fresh squeezed orange juice and Lavazza coffee. The baguettes are crusty and good. The food is fresh, tasty, well priced and the service is so friendly. It is like entering a community that knows each other for a long time.

With five locations in South Florida, Boulangerie Boul’ Mich is the perfect place to go for a quick breakfast bite when I am in the area. I like supporting locally owned businesses and exploring the local community.

What better than getting out of the hotel, exploring a bit and having some delicious food!