I have a fascination with the South of France because my family lives in the area and it conjures up great memories of being together and sharing special moments. The area holds a special place in my heart not just because of my family but because of the natural beauty. The light in that area is just so beautiful and has drawn artists to express their vision for so many years.

One of my favorite villages in the South of France is Saint-Paul de Vence. In 1538 Francios came to Saint- Paul de Vence and built the fortified ramparts that protect the village today. This charming place is filled with narrow cobblestone streets, art galleries and cafes. One is transported to another era when one steps foot into this magical village which was the home of Marc Chagall before he passed in 1985 in the village.

At the entry of Saint-Paul de Vence sits La Colombe d’Or, a breathtaking small luxury hotel and restaurant that houses works by Picasso, Calder, Chagall, Cesar and other notable artists. It is one of my favorite lunch venues in the South of France, offering a tranquil outdoor dining terrace surrounded by the stunning art and beautiful mature trees. The food is fresh, locally sourced and mouthwatering.

La Colombe d’Or is a slice of history and takes me back to an era where people enjoyed life and took the time to cherish each moment. My visits to the South of France teach me to slow down, enjoy and savor each moment!