I love me a good pair of black tights. I feel I can wear them with skirts even if they are a bit shorter in the winter and it is still age appropriate for me with the black tights.

For Fall/Winter 2019 Donatella Versace has designed for Versace these fantastic black tights with lace inserts. The tights were just shown and might not be available for a while, but they are beauties.

Simple but romantic and elegant with a black skirt, short or long, or a black dress. The lace inserted tights add glamour to a simple outfit and dress it up without being over the top. A stunning accessory that is like a piece of art. A great concept that allows one to travel with these tights and take an outfit from day to night with little effort

Donatella Versace has an uncanny sense of creating for a woman and our use. Beautiful pieces that might seem over the top on the runway but when you look at each individual piece you can use them as part of your existing wardrobe.