Lantau Island is the largest of the islands in Hong Kong. What I adore about his Island that sets it apart from other areas of Hong Kong is the giant Tian Tan Bronze Buddha that sits on top of the peak.

This bronze Buddha measures 112 feet tall and you have to climb 268 steps to reach it. Unlike other giant Buddha’s that face south this Buddha faces north. In order to reach the Giant Buddha you can take a cable car to the top which offers Sweeping Mountain and sea views. The stores and dining venues at the top are touristy but the giant Buddha is breathtaking and truly worth a visit on a clear day.

I would visit The Po Lin Buddhist Monastery as well which offers a vegetarian restaurant and is situated near the Tian Tin giant Buddha. Once I finally make it near the periphery of the Buddha I felt a great sense of calm and beauty. The view from the top leaves one breathless!