As one gets older and deals with environmental stresses, lashes tend to get sparser and I am hesitant to place any unnatural product on my lashes that would be harmful to my eyes.

I found the Lashfood collagen lash primer to be a fantastic primer to condition and elongate my eyelashes before I apply mascara.

We are all dealing with so many daily pressures that I for one don’t need to deal with sparse eyelashes which just reminds me that I am getting older. With the Lashfood collagen primer I get a boost when I apply my mascara and my lashes look longer, thicker and healthier.

The lashfood primer nourishes my lashes with a nano-peptide complex which is a natural peptide blend. Further, it contains collagen which is a lash building protein. My primer acts like a mask for my eyelashes making them feel stronger, longer and thicker!