Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world because it is truly stunning. I never tire of walking and gazing at the beautiful architecture, charming neighborhoods and feasting on the most sublime food.

When I need to celebrate a special occasion with clients, family or friends I head over to the Le Cinq restaurant at the Four Season’s George V.

Le Cinq takes attention to detail to the highest level. From the soothing grey and subtle gold décor to the blissful view onto the courtyard it is a venue for a memorable dining experience.

Three Michelin star Chef Christian Le Squer takes classic French cuisine but prepares it in a lighter style that leaves one breathless. Using organic and regional fresh ingredients to create beautifully presented dishes. I was once at open market on Avenue President Wilson where I saw Chef Le Squer’s team buying miniature vegetables from the local specialty vendors.

Le Cinq is more than just dining. It is an experience where the ambiance is as memorable as the creative food. The only issue I have is when my meal ends and I have to leave. I prefer lunch where I can gaze onto the beautiful courtyard and feel the light streaming on me. If in Paris and you have a the chance then experience Le Cinq as you will not be disappointed with the food, presentation and elegant but modern vibe!