I love the “zone peitonne” or pedestrian zone in Nice! Especially the square where all the cafes are located. It is a great place to relax, grab a libation and people watch.

There are some cafes and bistros that have a fantastic ambiance and food. One of these bistros with great outdoor seating, food and libations is the newly remodeled Le Liber’tea in the heart of the pedestrian zone.

Le Liber’tea is an old school bistro with greet service, fair prices, delicious appetizers such as the chicken skewers and French fries and an assortment of freshly made entrees. Moreover, they have a great selection of coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks. A glass of rose champagne and I sit there and relax for a long time.

The recent remodeling has brought a more luxe façade, more comfortable seating and much more professional service. It has become even more charming and a great venue to meet client, friends and family!