Le Louis XV is a very special culinary experience based in Monte-Carlo at the Hotel de Paris. The three star Michelin restaurant run by chef de cuisine Dominique Lory under the auspices of master chef Alain Ducasse is probably the best dining experience I have had not only in Monte-Carlo but globally. Le Louis XV is run with a meticulous attention to detail, flawless service and beautifully presented food. Le Louis XV seems more like a true labor of love rather than just a dining venue.

Recently the décor has been transformed bringing the somewhat stuffy and dated interior to a more modern era. Alain Ducasse has worked with the interior design team of Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku to enliven the dining room and bring in more of an architectural air to the room that is still a bastion of the belle epoque. The change was much needed in my opinion because it has brought in a freshness that matches the innovative food.

Le Louis XV is definitely a venue for a special occasion but worth the cost because it is a real culinary and design journey!