For me the best part of business travel is to get together with my colleagues that I have known for years and have dinner after all our business events are done. My business associates invited their friends and we ended up with a great group of old and new friends.

This gives us a chance to make business travel more humane and break bread, have a libation and relax.

This week while at the USTOA conference, my colleagues and I decided to get off premises and scout out a local casual dining venue on the intercoastal waters for dinner.   

The Le Tub saloon is a former gas station turned super casual restaurant on the intercoastal waterways. The views are stunning.

After a long day of meetings it was fantastic to sit near the water and feel the breeze, enjoy the view and just relax together.

This local dining venue has fantastic steamed shrimp, luscious burgers and fresh catch of the day with a house made seafood salad that is delicious.  

We were all able to let loose even though we arrived in business attire and were totally overdressed!

After a few libations and a delicious meal we topped off our meal with a fresh key lime pie before the rain forced us inside and bank to our hotel. We were able to take the first day of our conference and turn it to a splendid evening filled with great food, a stunning view and friends to share it with.