The best part of business travel is getting the time to explore different areas of a city. On a recent trip to Boston I was able to go back to Beacon Hill which is one of my favorite parts of the city.

This area of Boston is full of history. With quant streets lined by gorgeous trees and stunning architecture one is transformed to another time.

On Mt. Vernon Street in Beacon Hill lies a delicious Persian restaurant called Lala Rokh. Lala Rokh is a charming dining venue with delicious Persian food. With a full choice of appetizers, main courses and dessert.

Our business team dined there after a long day of meetings to be fully intoxicated by the food.  We started with the salad shirazi – which is a chopped salad of cucumber, tomatoes and red onions – yogurt with shallots, roasted eggplant with caramelized onions and Tahdig which is a delicacy, crispy rice on the bottom of the pot with an herb sauce on top.

For our entrees we had the chicken, sirloin and ground beef kabob served with basmati rice and a roasted tomato. Mouthwatering and perfectly grilled.

We ended our meal with fresh brewed tea and Persian ice cream which is infused with saffron and rosewater. The ice cream is heavenly.

Lala Rokh is just charming nestled on a quaint street in the historic Beacon Hill section of Boston with fantastic Persian foof, modern Persain art and a great soothing ambiance.