On my recent travels to the Middle East with Abercrombie and Kent I adored my time in Jordan because of the culture, history and cuisine.
Every item I ate was fresh and tasted delicious and I was told that the fruits and vegetables were sourced from the Jordan River Valley. When I visited the Jordan River Valley in person, I visited the fruit and vegetable stands and tasted the super fresh fruits and vegetables. Mouth watering good!

The LeVant restaurant is gourmet Lebanese dining at its best. We had evenings free to dine at leisure, so we were able to explore the restaurants in Amman that served the freshest food.

LeVant has a large assortment of Entrees and hot and gold mezza (appetizers). We shared a Shish Taouk which is chargrilled chicken kabab and ordered an assortment of the varied appetizers. We dined on the quinoa tabolah, the eggplant salad, the fatosh (chopped salad), stuffed vegetarian vine leaves, potatoes with coriander and labneh (strained yogurt).

The salads were so fresh and tasty, the chargrilled eggplant and the tomatoes and cucumbers in the fatosh were so tasty like they were just picked. The vine leaves made in house were delicate and with just the right amount of seasoning.

Even though we ate a large portion of food it was not heavy because it was so freshly prepared, so we had room for the date cake with ice cream for dessert which was moist and heavenly!

I love to explore outside the hotel when traveling internationally so I am so glad we ventured to LeVant to taste the fantastic cuisine.