What I love about the pharmacies in France are the fantastic products I can purchase at a great price that work well for my skin and body. On a recent trip I was looking to change my day & night creams but not break the bank when I came across the LIERAC lifting cream.

A moisturizing cream that goes on smoothly and hydrates my skin. This new formula contains Rose Arn that stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen, Black Tulip stimulates the natural synthesis of elastin and natural Hyaluronic Acid that plumps up the skin.  I just started using the day & night creams and I see a visible difference on my neck and jawline. I see more firmness, smoothness and it works well with my sensitive cream that is prone to irritation.

The creams are vegan, 98% made from natural ingredients and dermatologically evaluated. I adore the fact that the creams are refillable which reduces waste. For the price point the day & night cream are marvelous and highly effective.