This has been a week of receiving many great gifts. So many thoughtful people in this world! I am humbled by their kindness.  

My dear friend thought I would enjoy a sweater, even though we are heading into summer, by Lingua Franca, a brand founded by Rachel Hiruska Macpherson that uses hip hop lyrics to send a great social message of feminism, resistance, peace and togetherness to name a few.  

I love wearing a piece of clothing with a message. Becoming a walking poster board for the causes I believe in. The cashmere sweaters come in all colors with important embroidered messages. These sweaters are embroidered by artisans in New York City giving employment to this cottage industry.

Let’s stand up for what we believe in with what we place on our bodies!!! Supporting causes and social messages we believe in. Lets be part of our community that supports local business and artisans.