I am always looking for interesting dining venues to either take clients or to try myself.  There are so many amazing local chefs globally and I thoroughly enjoy scouting out their dining establishments.  It makes business travel less of a chore and a bit more fun.  Usually great adventures await me and I am rarely disappointed.

The little goat diner located in Chicago is local chef’s Stephanie Lizard’s take on a gourmet diner. I usually select glam venues to take my clients to thank them for their support of our company.  This time I decided that I wanted to try a diner that took comfort food to a gourmet level and we were not disappointed!

The little goat diner located in a foodie area of Chicago is such a fun spot. With an open concept seating area and tall ceilings, you can either choice booths or communal tables for dining. As far as the food choices breakfast, lunch or dinner options are available all day long.  

My clients and I tried dark chocolate pancakes, mac & cheese, Thai stew, mushroom rag with pasta, burgers, smoked fries, milkshakes and the pies!  Every item was delicious and the over the top menu was different and provided some fantastic choices.

The servers were super friendly and after a tough week of non-stop meetings in Chicago it was nice to just sit back, relax and savor the comfort food!