I do not usually write about a relative but with the recent loss of my brother in law Brent Letellier this last week I thought it would be important to write about this special sweet soul!

Brent Letellier was an educator that believed in helping those less privileged than himself.

His mission was to teach children in the under privileged school district of Knoxville Tennessee that usually could not hire an educator of his caliber.  

His school of choice was Lonsdale Elementary where for the last 13 years he was a behavior specialist working with children of all ages.

Brent believed that every child no matter what their race, religion or zip code should be able to receive a great education.  

He had no issue with spending his own money in realizing this dream. For him it didn’t matter where the funds came from but it did matter that these kids got a fair chance.   

He had such a large heart and when I married his brother, my current ex-husband, almost thirty years ago he took me into his family with an open heart full of love.

There are those people that touch your heart and soul and Brent was one of them.

If he had a goal he would make sure he achieved it and it usually involved helping others. He was one of the most selfless people that I had the honor and privilege of meeting.

In remembrance of Brent, his wife Maria has started a Gofundme page to help the Lonsdale Elementary school that he so adored.

Even though Brent left us way too soon Maria wanted to make sure that his legacy  of public service would continue. 

We have lost a sweet soul but his legacy of public service, kindness and truly caring for those less fortunate will always remain.