I am always in search of custom pieces as the world is becoming filled with mass production. Enter the brothers Salim & Samir who along with their family make up the Taj Company selling the most exquisite jewelry made in India. The pieces whether earrings, rings or bracelets are truly works of art created by artisans. The family has been in business for 38 years working with artisans that take true pride in their work.

Crafted with love and perfection and supervised by a family that takes their profession very seriously. I salivate when I am shown these amazing pieces. The bothers are the most accommodating always trying to find objects that one can keep & cherish. Never suggesting a piece that is not right for the purchaser.

With a showroom in New York City they also sell a massive collection of beads for those that want to customize their jewelry and create their own pieces. I am enamored by the Caledonian earrings framed by small delicate diamonds. The mix of the Caledonia and small diamonds add just the right amount of bling for a casual to more formal occasion.