As we grow older our facial skin changes and especially for those of us that travel a great deal we constantly battles the dry air on airplane cabins. I have found that applying a vitamin C serum under my moisturizer daily assists with my facial skin looking brighter, tighter and more toned. I always wear a sunscreen over the serum for extra protection against the free radicals.

I have tried various vitamin C serums that cost over $150 a bottle until I decided that I wanted to go a more holistic and affordable route. I searched until I found the brand Mad Hippie as I adore their creative packaging, philosophy and natural ingredients. I was also concerned using products that had synthetic and non-natural ingredients on my face.

I purchased the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum and have been thrilled with the results. For a fraction of the cost I have a natural product that brightens, smooths the skin and reduces the effects of photo aging because it contains a blend of antioxidants like ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid & Vitamin E. The formula is nonirritating and works with my sensitive skin.

I am pleased that I have found a vitamin C serum that has effectively helped me battle the signs aging at an affordable price with natural ingredients to boot.