Maelove makes some of the best skincare for the price point! Being a woman of a certain age, I was tired of paying unreasonable prices for my retinol serum. The moonlight retinol super serum by Maelove makes my skin glow and reduces my fine lines and pores. It consists of retinaldehyde (retinal) a form of vitamin A.

The moonlight retinal serum is potent but does not irritate or make my facial skin red. Prescription level benefits that combat uneven skin tones and appearances of photoaged skin. I used to pay 3-4 times the price for my retinal serum and not receive the same results. I apply the moonlight serum to my face and neck let it dry and apply my evening moisturizer. It is fantastic to layer and truly works. I do not feel any harshness or abrasion that I used to encounter with other more expensive products.

The team at Maelove use science to bring consumers luxurious fair priced skin care that actually works.