I travel to Los Angeles for business which like any large city can be draining but when I can take a break and drive to Malibu I feel like my heart is beating a bit slower and I can decompress. There is a certain hippy vibe about Malibu that I adore even though it is an affluent area it still has that laid back feel.

On my last trip I came across the restaurant Malibu Farm which is located at the end of the Malibu pier. This venue run by chef/founder Helen Henderson is a GEM! Serving organic, local and farm fresh (eggs from her own farm) ingredients in a beautiful setting over the water. The décor is simple but the food and view speak volumes. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, I do not think it can be any more of a perfect combination of fresh ingredients, masterly prepared and with that awe inspiring setting; I can’t wait to return when I have more time to savor the multiple seasonal choices on the menu.