I am enamored by craftsmanship of any kind as it seems to be a dwindling away in this age of mass production. My Mother’s father was a jewelry wholesaler so I guess I have jewels in my blood. Since I was a little girl, I saw beautiful & rare jewels and grow up with a sensibility for the healing powers of all types of stones. When I see a green natural emerald, a beautiful turquoise or a glistening south sea pearl my body goes into a blissful state of shock or you can call it joy.

I was honored to be invited to the Neiman Marcus in Washington, DC to view the beautiful collection of master Australian jeweler Margot McKinney. Margot McKinney is a fourth generation jeweler whose great grandfather started the family business in 1884. Her pieces are stunningly beautiful with color and an opulence that screams less is not more. I feel in love with the 111.21 carat morganite, beryl, diamond, sapphire and tourmaline cuff/bracelet encased in gold. Of course there are matching earrings and a ring.

Margot McKinney’s pieces are unique because of the use of colored stones and the playfulness of each custom handmade piece. This is museum quality jewelry that can be viewed and appreciated for the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Yes, these items are very expensive but that shouldn’t stop one from admiring. Admiration is gratis and good for the soul. Fine jewelry in my opinion is art and should be cherished as we do a painting or sculpture.

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