In the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas sits the authentic Mexican restaurant Maria Jimenez. Located in a charming casita with bougainvilleas on the outside and traditional art and decor inside you get a real authentic feel in a tourist driven location like Cabo. They only accept cash so be prepared!

The open air kitchen is covered with multi-colored handmade tiles. The traditional Mexican food is wonderful and freshly prepared. The menu is extensive and features all the classics.

I had the large prawns grilled in butter and garlic served with the most luscious house made tortillas. The tortillas corn and flour were thin and hot. The steak was prepared just right and succulent. The main dishes come with rice and sautéed vegetables but my butterflied large prawns were too good to eat any other item on my plate.

The drinks are made with fresh ingredients and premium spirits so you can taste the difference. The classic margarita on the rocks was tart and prepared just right.

My opinion of whether a restaurant is authentic is the flan and the flan I tasted was light but I could taste the caramel flavor.  

My visit to Maria Jimenez was truly a fantastic experience because on my travels I am always looking for the authentic. In Maria Jimenez I found the authentic.