I am obsessed with craftsmanship and artisanal workmanship because so much these days has become mass produced. Since 1894 the house of Massaro has made custom made shoes.

Raymond Massaro who studied the craft of shoemaking, like his Father and Grandfather, heads the family company. Massaro was bought by Chanel in 2002 and is located in Paris at 2 Rue de la Paix, a bastion for anyone looking for shoes that are molded to one’s feet.

First, there is a consultation where the client selects the style and fabric, then a pattern is custom made of the foot and then the shoe is assembled by skilled artisans. It does take one to three months but your shoes will be unique and custom fitted to your feet!

Raymond Massaro created the famed two-tone beige and black sandal for Gabrielle Chanel. To this day, the house of Massaro collaborates with Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel to create the houses shoes. They create the beautiful, special and creative shoes that lasts through generations. This is ART is not disposable fashion!.