I adore Rome for the history, culture, architecture, cuisine and fashion but on a recent trip to Rome I was blown away by the MAXXI museum for the sheer beauty of the contemporary structure designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid.

The MAXXI is a stunning modern structure amid Rome’s historical structures. The juxtaposition of the MAXXI with the surrounding area is jarring. I am a huge fan of Zaha Hadid and at the MAXXI she has taken an abandoned area and turned it into a cultural resurrection. A risk to place such a contemporary museum in Rome but no one better than Zaha Hadid to have accomplished this feat.

With a permanent collection, rotating exhibits, courtyard for sculptures, café/restaurant and an auditorium, the MAXXI provides a great view of 21st century art. Having visited all the beautiful artifacts in Rome It was refreshing to be in this modern structure that I feel is one of Zaha Hadid’s best.

As I walked around the museum and looked at the exterior and interior I realized that I felt transported by the scale. The large galleries allowed me to take in all the art while the exterior was mesmerizing.

The MAXXI allowed me the space to learn & reflect. To get another important perspective on the art scene in Rome and to be inquisitive about the future of contemporary art in Italy.