Guest Blogger, world traveler and woman of style Sarvenaz Mahdavi writes about her passion for tea:  

From The Emperor Qianlong of China to Shah Jahan the romantic behind the Taj Mahal, tea has long been the collaborator of many fascinating assemblies.

Most recently, this ‘perfect cup of tea’ was host to my recent visit to The Park Washington Hyatt’s – Tea Cellar. The ambiance is enthralling, the smell is stimulating and the selections are mind-blowing. Their trained “tea connoisseur” assisted with my selection as dexterously as the discovery of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond!

My selection: Ceylon Platinum. Tips: a rare white tea grown on the highest mountain tops of the Dumbala (Sri Lanka) region. I was intoxicated. Its sweet honey nature satisfied my desire as a sugary delight! Now, ready to be dazed?

The Emperor of Tea’s: The 1985 Emperor’s Masterpiece Pu-erh (Yunnan, China) Less than 7 kilos’ produced for worldwide consumption; hand-carried out of China after 5 years of negotiations. Talk about hard to get!

Oh! Did I forget the mention the $300.00 price tag? Ouch.